Tiny Tonie

If you have got a kid you’ve probably stumbled across the RFID based music player TonieBox Music Box. There’s a teardown here thanks to ifixit. Content is paired with purchasable figurines and you can upload your own mp3’s but that requires a cloud account and a permanent WIFI connection. So, continuing my plan make a […]

Bar-top Arcade

Time to build: 6-7 hours (it will takes weeks to get the parts together) An idiots guide to building your own Bar-Top Arcade machine. Capable of playing most games from Vintage arcades, home computer and games consoles up-to around the first PlayStation. I used a Raspberry PI3.  These things are not cheap, parts will be […]


RFID Music Player ‘Tiny Tonie’ Kids Busy Box  Vintage Bartop Arcade  (finished – yet to document) Fisher-Price Toddler toy mod (finished – yet to document) Led Lava Lamp (finished – yet to document) External Articles on my stuff. Fisher-Price Toddler toy Mod on hackster.io  Fisher Price Keyboard Hacked to Play Van Halen – Medium Busy […]

Toddler Busy Box

Time to build: 6 months ish (1-2 hours a week) This is going to be very quick write-up, it’s been 6 months since I gave it to my kid as a Christmas present but I’m still updating the code and adding new features.  Designing the box surface. First step here was to decide on the […]