Bar-top Arcade



Time to build: 6-7 hours (it will takes weeks to get the parts together)

An idiots guide to building your own Bar-Top Arcade machine. Capable of playing most games from Vintage arcades, home computer and games consoles up-to around the first PlayStation. I used a Raspberry PI3. 

These things are not cheap, parts will be cheaper direct from China if you don’t the  1-2 months shipping time.

1. Tools needed.

2.The Cabinet.

3.Building,wrapping the cabinet and molding.

4.The Monitor and Plexiglass.

6. Power.

5. Switches/electronics and control interface.

6. Audio.

7. Lighting.

8. Marquee.

9. Raspberry PI and software.




  • Power-drill and selection of drill bits (inc 28mm hole cutter)
  • Wire terminal crimper and lots of sleeves
  • Good quality wire, don’t use solid core.
  • Modesty blocks and wood screws to match
  • Power Screwdriver.
  • Cable ties.
  • Cable clips with screws.
  • Hot Glue.
  • Hobby knife / Stanley knife
  • Vinyl decal wrap applicator.